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The Goal: 22 Countries, 31,000km 1 Year across Europe!

We’re Crossing Europe by car and sharing it all with you!

Andre & Sofia starting the roadtrip

This is Us!

Hey, nice to meet you! We’re Sofia and André from Portugal!

Tufas before the roadtrip

Our cats

This is Tufas. Our sneaky companion on this journey!

Luna before the roadtrip

Our cats

This is Luna, the sweetest cat in the world

Vitara before the roadtrip

Our Old Car!

And an old Suzuki Vitarra traveling across Europe.

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Day 266 – Ukraine, 700 km from Brasov to Lviv

I confess that we were a bit worried about the border control between Romania and Ukraine. There are hundreds of epic tales of the border control in Ukraine, some of them quite recent. It so happens that our fears were unfounded, at least for this border crossing: we...

Day 229 – Seven Rila Lakes – Bulgaria

Bulgaria - Rila Park and the 7 lakes The Rila is a mountain range in the Southwest of Bulgaria where you’ll find some of the highest mountains in the Balkans. The highest peak is Musala at 2925 meters (the 6th highest mountain in Europe). You’ll find the 7 lakes on...

Day 225 – Sofia, Bulgaria

Sofia - First Day After 4 months we've arrived at the last country of the Balkans: Bulgaria. We stayed on the outskirts of Sofia and the first impressions are pretty good. Upon arriving in Bulgaria we had to purchase a Vignette so that we could circulate in the...

Day 177 – Tirana Pyramid

A communism memory Situated in the middle of the city, this weird building, now abandoned, opened in 1988 as a museum dedicated to the dictator Enver Hoxha (another one who thought he was a pharaoh). At the time it was the most expensive building ever erected in...

Day 166 – Last day in Montenegro

Montenegro - A small country with great beauty Today is our last day in Montenegro. Montenegro is a beautiful country. With its escarped mountains, medieval villages and paradisiacal beaches with the warm Adriatic water this is definitely a country worth visiting. The...

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Welcome, we're André and Sofia and this is our Travel Blog! We're road tripping Europe for 1 Year with our 2 cats and sharing what we see and learn along the way!

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Our Home Base!

This is our home base 🙂 And where the adventure begins!


Portugal's capital and the first stop in our journey!


Our 2nd stop on our way to Spain!

Time to recover from the journey and get ready for the amazing Spain.


Spain! We're here!

Our first stop in Spain was the beautiful Cádiz, we explored for 2 days. A city worth visiting!


Just one night to get some rest.

We will be back in another time to see this great city with more attention.


What a place! Don't miss our post about Gibraltar.

Polop de la Marina

Our home base for some time.

Getting some rest and planning our next steps.


The "New York" of the Mediterranean. Now more about this city on our post!


Valencia is a beautiful city and well worth the visit if you're in the region.


What an amazing place! If you could choose just one city to visit in Spain: consider putting Barcelona on the list.


Andorra is definitely the right place to visit in the winter. 
The snow activities that you can find in this country will keep you warm for sure!


1 day stop on our way to Saint Chamond!

Saint Chamond

Our home base for our 1 month in France!


A lovely town with the most adorable Christmas Market!


Lyon is a magnificent city. The buildings, the rivers and the snow. We fell in love!


1 day stop on our way to Florence!


Stop Nº2 on our way to Florence!


Our home base in Italy!


Here you can find the amazing Malatestiana Library 


Treviso, Italy. A quick stop before Croatia.


Our home base in Croatia!

Limski Kanal

The sea in the middle of the mountains.


Smallest City in the World.


A beautiful city built almost on the sea.


Our first stop in Bosnia!


A city that is worth visiting!


The white city! Capital of Serbia.


Our first stop in Montenegro. A lot of snow but a lovely view!


a 2 weeks stop in Ulcinj to appreciate nature.  


Beautiful seaside city with a charming marina.


A magical walled city by the shore.


Montenegro's Capital.


Kosovo's Capital.


Capital of Albânia


Saranda, beautiful beaches in Albânia


Thessaloniki second biggest city in Greece.


Macedonia's Capital Skopje

Makta Canyon

A beautiful canyon just a few kilometres outside the capital.

Mavrovo Lake

The largest artificial lake in Macedonia, with a beautiful scenery.

Marble Lake

A lake in an old Marble Quarry.


The capital of Bulgaria.

7 Lakes

The 7 Rila Lakes

Rila Monastery

Rila Monastery


A week of sunshine and beach, just what we needed.


Romania's capital continues to be an amazing city to visit!


Transilvania country!


on our way to Ukraine!


our home base in Ukraine 🙂 


Here you can find the Holy Trinity Church. An amazing building in the UNESCO Heritage List. 


Hey Poland! It's nice to see you Krakow!


The biggest artificial lake in Ukraine! 


Just a quick hop away from Prague.

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